Competitors are reminded that by entering this Enduro event they are bound by the provisions of the relevant SSR’s, GCR’s and Sporting Codes and as such are deemed to know the relevant rules and regulations. Members are further reminded that the organizers, clubs, officials and NMSF are indemnified against any act or omission as per FIM AFRICA By-Laws and/or GCR’s. Appeals by competitors or entrants not in accordance with GCR’s or other regulations – WILL NOT be entertained by officials during or after the event.


I hereby certify that the above particulars are true and correct and that the motorcycle entered complies with the regulations governing the event. I have read and understood the regulations for this competition and agree that they shall be binding upon me. I, as the rider (or the guardian of the rider) of the machine entered, believe that it complies with the regulations and specifications for the event entered. I accept subject to my rights of protest and appeal that if my machine does not comply with the regulations and specifications, that I will be excluded from the event concerned. Provided, however that the Stewards of the Meeting may waive the automatic suspension should they at their absolute discretion decide that the contravention does not afford any advantage. I hereby indemnify the Livingstone Motorcycle Club, the promoter, organiser, guarantor and sponsor of the competition and the owner/s of any property on which the competition is held and any government, provincial or municipal body and their respective officials, persons as aforesaid. I further declare that I am aware of the risks, dangers and perils attendant upon motorcar/motorcycle racing or rallying or any other form or motoring competition, which I hereby assume.

The Organisers disclaim all responsibility for damages to a motorcycle, its accessories and components arising out of an accident, fire theft or any other causes.


I the undersigned hereby undertake to notify the Livingstone Motorcycle Club, prior to any event that I intend participating in, and as soon as possible after becoming aware of any condition or disability or any other medical or any other condition which I am suffering from, whether permanent or temporary, which may have an effect or impair my ability and competency to participate in such event or which may impair my ability to control the vehicle I intend competing in. I declare that to the best of my belief, I possess the standard of competency required to participate in any event and that the vehicle that I shall be participate in shall be race worthy.

Riders are to provide proof at the time of entry of medical cover certifying that they are insured for personal accident covering death, permanent disability, medical treatment and evacuation, sufficient for repatriation to their own country, or to the nearest country with requisite facilities to treat any injury and evacuation.


The Livingstone Motorcycle Club subscribes to the provisions of the World Anti-Doping Authority (WADA) and as such all competitors are bound by WADA rules and regulations, in respect of performance enhancing and use of banned substances during NMSF National Enduro events. Random drug testing may be demanded from time to time as directed by WADA, and all competitors must comply if so requested. Any competitor taking any drug for therapeutic purposes, such as asthma, hay fever, ADD, etc. and which contains substances that are included on the WADA prohibited list, must obtain a Therapeutic Use Exemption, prior to entering any competition and submit with their entry at Official Documentation. Confirm medication use here.


All riders participating will have to ensure that they have sufficient medical cover. Riders with no medical and or insufficient medical cover will not be allowed to participate.

Livingstone Motorcycle Club, organisers, promoters, etc disclaim all responsibility for damages to a motorcycle, its accessories and components arising out of an accident, fire theft or any other causes.


    1. Proof of Payment must be mailed to
    2. Your Entry will ONLY be processed upon receipt of proof of payment with your name as reference.
    3. DAY RIDERS must still complete and email the Livingstone Motorcycle Club Day license, Indemnity, Declaration of Fitness and Medical Aid Form to Indemnity and Waiver must be signed and handed in at Registration on Race Day!!
    4. Failure to comply with the above will result in a void entry, that is NO ENTRY.


  • A helmet and closed shoes must be worn at all times when riding a motorcycle in the pit area. All riders must stay in 1st gear at all times in the pit area. Please no passengers on the back of bikes.
  • Fire Extinguishers are to be at each riders pit area.
  • No smoking or drinking in the pit area. A NO TOLERANCE policy is maintained with regard to alcohol consumption by anyone present in the pit area. This includes mechanics, crew, representatives, supporters, family and the friends. The competitor, or in the case of a minor, his/her representative, shall be responsible for the people in their pit area. If anyone is caught consuming alcohol or being under the influence of alcohol in the pit area, it may result in immediate disqualification of the rider/competitor. This will apply even if you have finished the event. There may be a breathalyser present at the event and breath alcohol tests may be conducted in a random fashion by the Chief Medical Officer at the discretion of the Clerk of the Course. The Clerk of the Course may also have any individual rider, competitor, crew member and representative suspected of being under the influence of alcohol, tested by the CMO. IF THE BREATH ALCOHOL TEST INDICATES ANY PRESENCE OF ALCOHOL, THE RIDER/COMPETITOR COULD BE EXCLUDED FROM THE RACE.
  • No fires, including charcoal or gas braiis.
  • Competitors and their crews will have to make use the waste bins.
  • Environmental Mats (see Enviro Code for specs) are compulsory. The use of environment mats will be strictly enforced in the pit area. Any technical intervention on the motorcycle will be made on a waterproof tarpaulin with a minimum size of 200x100cm.
  • Please ensure that ALL of your rubbish and waste is disposed of appropriately.
  • If provided use designated oil disposal bins for used oil.
  • Provide your own rubbish bags. Clean your pit area before leaving and remove all your rubbish and take it home with you.
  • Every motorcyclist is encouraged to enjoy, to the fullest extent, their race through this country without leaving damaging footprints. Nature is, and must, remain the heritage of humanity. Man is, and must be, it’s protector.



Self-scrutineering applies to ALL classes and shall be subject to random scrutineering by the Technical Steward. All Motorcycles and Quads must:

  • Be marked with either dark racing numbers on a white background or white racing numbers on a dark background and which are clearly legible from a distance of at least 40 meters. Any bike not complying in this regard will not pass scrutineering and thus not be allowed to participate in the event.
  • Be fitted with ball-ended clutch and brake levers unless fitted with a suitable wrap-around protector.
  • Be fitted with brakes operating on front and rear wheels.
  • Be fitted with a self-closing throttle.
  • Be fitted with adequate mudguards.
  • Not have any fuel leaks.
  • Not discharge exhaust gasses so as to raise dust or in any way inconvenience another motorcycle/quad.
  • Be fitted with folding foot pegs (motorcycles only)
  • Those machines not fitted with steering dampers and/or GPS fittings are recommended in the interests of safety, to fit a bar pad constructed of foam or sponge on the handlebars.
  • Riders must have a Hydration Pack/Camelback with minimum 1 litre water and Medical kit containing at least the following items:
    • Thermal blanket
    • White cloth square with OK sign printed on one side and a red cross on the other side
    • Small bottle with disinfectant liquid
    • Wound dressing (assortment of plasters and roll of bandage)
    • Pain killers



A compulsory Rider’s Briefing will be held prior to the start of the event, at which time any specific instructions and issues pertinent to the day’s competition will be explained. Riders may seek clarification from the organisers on any points that are not clear to them, at this time.


All participants/competitors must hold a valid ZMSA completion license or Day Licence. Day licenses will be available for purchase at registration.