We are building on the success we had in 2018! It will be the largest gathering of off road motorcycles that Zambia has ever seen, with riders also coming from Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa.
We spent a lot of time exploring for our new enduro race track. It was worth all the effort! We came up with a track with a bit of everything: fast and slow sections, easy riding and challanging sections... All that in a spectacular landscape! We are also calling on all road bikers and adventure bikers to join us for the weekend in August here in Livingstone! It is a Motorbike Festival Not just for the off road enthusiast.



The Livingstone Motorbike Festival 2019 is a unique motorcycling event set around the Zambezi with a program for both off-road and on-road crews. Festival-goers will enjoy great food, music and mass ride-outs in one of the world’s most unique settings. Be a part of a community of like-minded bikers for an unforgettable weekend - all ages/skills welcome.
SPORTS BIKES & CRUISERS - the adventure is in the journey AND the destination this Easter at The Smoke that Thunders!


16 - 18 August 2019.

Host Venue

Host Venue The Victoria Falls Waterfront, Riverside Drive off Sichango Road, Livingstone


Please register here.

Fun & Foods

Festival-goers will enjoy great food, music and mass ride-outs in one of the worlds most unique settings.


(view map) indicated in yellow on the map.

Yellow route but including the red loops for Championship races (red tracks on the map)

  • At the Enduro starting point.
  • (Enduro start area, Dante's Staircase, Siabwabinga Falls (spectacular view of the Batoka Gorge!) Hill Climb, Rocky stream, also Small Bridge. (PLEASE NOTE: we are planning to make a road to Dante's Staircase and Siabwabinga Falls that people can drive to with a normal vehicle. We have a rough route already. We will announce this road on the website once we have made the road. (View spectator map here)

  • The main spectator point will be 'blood, snot and tears' (see map), but also 'Leap of Faith', 'the Abyss'.
  • Saturday, 17 August

    Novice Track (Clubman, Bronze Catergory) and Championship Track (A1, A2, Gold and Silver Catergory):

    The start of the Enduro is approx. 38 km from the liaison point (Waterfront Lodge). The first section from the start, leading towards Siabwabinga Falls, is done by all categories of riders. Plenty loose rocks on the way, one steep downhill and a few rocky sections. All riders to report to the checkpoint at Siabwabinga Falls (with a spectacular view of the Batoka Gorge and the Zambezi River!)

    From here the track follows the rocky Siabwabinga river until you get to a sharp, almost 90 degree turn in the riverbed. The Novice track and Senior track separate here. The Novice track leaves the rocky riverbed and leads up the hill on the left hand side. The area is well marked.

    The Championship (Senior) track follows the rocky riverbed for about 3 km. One kilometre from the split with the Novice track, there is an optional loop going off to the right (see map). It will be signposted as ‘Hard’. This loop includes the infamous Dante's Staircase, and other, smaller waterfalls. Riders following this loop will be given a credit on their overall time (to be announced during the pre-race briefing). Riders following the easy route (straight ahead, signposted as ‘Easy’) are automatically participating in the Silver category.

    The Novice track and Championship track rejoin and lead up to Chibule Village. From here the track crosses the gravel road (Stop before crossing the road!) and continues for approx. 8 km to Calcite Ridge Checkpoint. Downhills with loose rock and sharp turns on the way, be careful! All riders to stop at the Calcite Ridge checkpoint.

    Nice fast section from here. Some erosion, big roots and rocks on the way to slow you down (or kick you off your bike!!). After a steep downhill (Stay on the track! There is a cliff (15 – 20 m high) on your left hand side) the track follows the Chise river valley. At the bottom, the championship riders (A1, A2, gold and silver categories) turn off left (Novice track continues straight) into the rocky Chise riverbed. This loop is tricky and technical: riding down 2 waterfalls and some very rocky sections. Less than 2 km after the split the tracks (Novice and Championship) rejoin and continue for approx. 4 km up to the start/finish line. This last section (done by all catergories) leads through uneven, mountainous area. Lots of loose rock. All riders to report at the ‘Bridge Checkpoint’. The tracks split at the bridge: the championship riders turn left, under the bridge and continue in the valley. The novice riders go straight and follow the marked river bed.

    The championship track through the valley that leads to the finish line is very rocky, technical and there are some daunting waterfalls on the way. The whole area is dry, so the traction is good. With a bit of momentum the waterfalls are actually much easier than they look! The last section, just before the finish line is called ‘Blood, Snot and Tears’. This can be classified as extreme enduro! There is a very steep waterfall and another tricky rocky section on top of that. Just before this section, there is a ‘chicken run’ on your right (marked ‘Easy’). The chicken run is steep (but very good traction (tuff rock)) and the top section is loose and steep (so not that easy!!).

    After the bridge the novice track continues straight, past the bridge and follows the riverbed for about 2,5 km. This section is rocky and physically demanding. After leaving the riverbed (just after the ‘rocky ledge’ the track turns sharp left (well marked) and on to the steep gravel uphill. The gravel track up the hill is tricky and slippery. From the top of the hill it is around 700 meters to the finish line.

    Enjoy the track, have fun!!

    And above all, ride safely!

    Sunday, 18 August

    The start of the Enduro on Sunday, 18 August, is 37 km from the liaison point (Waterfront Lodge). It is the same start/finish line as the enduro race the previous day. We have a spectacular 'Extreme Enduro' section today. Participants have to ride up steep waterfalls, very rocky terrain and lots of technical sections. The track is around 5 km in distance.


    Entries Allowed


    Pit stop


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    3 Days of excitement!

    Friday 16 August 2019


    Registration will be open at the Waterfront lodge.

    Christy Bennet and her team will welcome all riders/guests at the Waterfront Lodge. Registrations will continue up to 18:30.



    Saturday, 17 August 2019


    OFF-ROAD : Sighting Laps

    Venue: Enduro track, Dam site

    We leave for the enduro start/finish line. It takes about 40 minutes to get there from Waterfront lodge. The road up to the enduro start/finish is easily negotiable with a 2 x 4 - all good tar and good gravel road. If you want to ride to the start/finish line, we start off at 7:30 accompanied by road/adventure bikers. All racers are responsible for their own transport to/from the enduro track.


    Sighting laps track opens


    Riders briefing - Juniors


    Start Junior Bike Class - J2


    Cut off time


    Sighting laps close, Return to Waterfront Lodge


    Bridge that Thunders

    Mass ride-out to the historic Victoria Falls bridge via a loop through Livingstone town.

    The starting point of the mass ride is The Victoria Falls Waterfront.



    Attendance is obligatory for all participants in the enduro race.



    The band 'Traingang' playing till 22:00! After that, DJ Claudous!


    All riders responsible for their own transport to/from the Enduro track. We have limited capacity to transport bikes to/from the Enduro track. If anyone has a difficulty with transport, we will arrange tranport, but this has to be booked at registration/race control by Friday evening. All bikes that need to be transported need to be loaded this (Saturday) evening. All riders/racers are responsible for their own fuel. Make sure your fuel container is marked and put in the designated area at the enduro start/finish.


    Coffee/Tea, breakfast snacks/sandwiches available at the Enduro start/finish area.... Snacks, burgers, kebabs, drinks available at the enduro start/finish area We have gazebos for shade, good party atmosphere. Entertainment for the kids: jumping castle, peewee race track We have beautiful walking trails in the area. Check our map for spectator points. All spectator points are all easily accessible on foot and within walking distance.

    Sunday, 18 August, 2019


    Enduro Race - Day of Dirt

    Venue: Dam site area

  • Senior Track: Red loop (Orange Markers)
  • Novice Track: Yellow Loop (Orange + Yellow Markers)
  • J2 (Blue Markers)
  • 07:00am

    Leave Waterfront lodge and drive to the enduro start/finish.


    Riders briefing at the start/finish. All participants obliged to attend!


    Enduro Race starts.


    Circuit Close – “Cut Off Time”


    Time Bar. Track closes.


    Sweeper leaves to make sure the track is clear. All marshals, officials leave the track.

    Return to The Victoria Falls Waterfront in Livingstone.


    Results posted


    PRIZE GIVING: closing ceremony at The Victoria Falls Waterfront.


    More Information


    PLEASE NOTE: The motorbike festival takes place at the Waterfront, and races in an around Livingstone. See the map for exact information.


    By air or by road, there are many ways to get to the location. Please have a look at the map for exact location.


    Participants can take advantage of FREE CAMPING at The Waterfront, Livingstone, Zambia over the weekend. Contact The Waterfront for all accommodation options and reservations. For a full list of accommodation in Livingstone, please visit the LTA website


    Visas are required for most passports. Most visas can be purchased at the airport or border in United States Dollars cash – please confirm with your embassy whether it is advisable for you to apply for a visa before departure – you can also consult or why not check out the new UNIVISA, the KAZA visa allowing tourists to buy one visa and travel freely between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Please note that information posted can change without notice.


    The local currency is Zambian Kwacha. There are numerous banks, ATMS and bureau de change located in the Livingstone town centre where you can get some kwacha. USD and Cards are accepted at the hostel but you will need Kwacha for taxis and shops. Travelers' cheques are not accepted anymore. For up to date exchange rates visit


    Livingstone is in a Malaria area. However the amount of cases has dramatically decreased in the last few years. The hospitals here are able to treat you should you need it. The best precaution obviously is not to be bitten – wear long trousers and long sleeved shirts in the early morning and evening and wear insect repellent. Please consult your health care professional regarding prophylactics for malaria in advance of travel.